Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lunch Date

Kendo's Thai Food, Downtown Anchorage, AK
I just had lunch with Jed. I picked him up at his work and he took me here! This little dumpy gross trailer, called Kendo's. However, it was delicious Thai food.

It was so nice to get away from the office, get out into the little bit of sunlight that we get.

Thanks babe for lunch, I love you!


  1. Whoa...crazy place to get food! We missed you at the reunion! I wish you could have been there. I thought about you at LEAST 20 times while we were there. Miss you tons!

  2. Haha! That looks like an awesome place to eat lunch! You really are having some great adventures.

  3. That is too funny you ate lunch there! Glad you didn't get food poisened again :) Oh, I really want you to make an Owl for Brooke's bday. Is that possible? It's Dec. 17th. Send me a message with your address and I'll pay you for it!

  4. OK if you are ever in Glenallen, there is a purple trailer in the Tesoro parking lot (love how I can give Alaskan directions and I know you will understand them) that sells the BEST Thai food I have ever had. Tell me, where is this one?