Sunday, November 21, 2010

Craft Fair

One of my favorite family traditions is the day after Thanksgiving all the girls go to the Spanish Fork Craft fair at the Fair Grounds. For many years I would go for just one reason...the doughnuts. The picture above is a picture of me in front of the doughnut guys. They are so delicious. We mostly used the craft fair to get ideas, we very seldom bought anything (except the doughnuts). So now that I've moved away that is the one thing I really miss about this week. Yet my boss, Dixi came to my rescue last year and invited me to the big craft fair in we have now a two year tradition going. I went this Saturday with her and Anchorage has a very unique craft fair.
(I want to know where you can buy these pants)
These were my favorite! Fur is really big in Alaska, but I've never seen mittens this big!! They were very warm and covered almost my whole arm.
It was a great start to the Holidays! I found some really delicious chocolates and a cute ear warmer/headband thing.

This week I have work, half a week of school, Adult Volleyball competition at our church, Thanksgiving with some friends in our ward...and back to work on Black Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. I love craft fairs too. If only to get ideas and get into the holiday spirit. I love those mitten! You should totally buy them for Jed!