Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1st Doctor Appointment

Today was our first doctor's appointment. I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect. Jed came with me so that helped calm me down. We got to have an ultrasound and see the little baby's heart beat. We also found out that I am only 8 weeks and 3 days, so that pushes our due date back to December 24th...so this is definitely going to be a Christmas baby. I was kind of disappointed that I wasn't too far along...I really wanted to get through the first trimester. That means my morning sickness started at 5 weeks, that doesn't seem fair. I hate hearing from people that they never got sick while they were pregnant, it just reiterates how unfair life can be!

I also had to do the glucose screening for diabetes because we have a family history of diabetes...that was really hard to drink all of that really sugary drink and keep it down for an hour. I haven't heard the results yet but I think everything should be okay.


  1. Well i think morning sickness gives you the first insight on what motherhood is really about! lol it will pass and you will forget or you would never have another kid again!!!

  2. I agree with Hilary! Welcome to motherhood! And that is crazy they did a glucose test so early (I guess because of your history) I didn't do mine until much later on...like 28 weeks or something. I hope it all comes back normal! And some advice for having a Christmas baby from me to you :) get all of your christmas shopping done NOW! Seriously, I had all my gifts bought and wrapped and sent around Thanksgiving. I just put big DO NOT OPEN UNTIL... signs on them. The last thing you want to do when you are nine months pregnant is to stand in line at the post office!

  3. I know how you feel. My morning sickness hits around 6 weeks and lasts until 16-18 weeks. It is rough. I hear you on those women that said they never felt sick. It just isn't fair. Don't hesitate to ask your doctor for something to help with the nausea. There are lots of medications that are safe for you and the baby that make life a little more bearable

  4. Lol, I started getting dizzy and light-headed around ONE week (I was trying to figure out if I was getting sick or if we were really pregnant). And the throwing up kicked in around week three. And lasted until week 17ish. So, congratulations on doing better than me so far!

    And, ICK, I'm sorry you've already had to do the glucose test, that thing is nasty! I hope you were able to go home and relax a bit afterward because that drink and the blood drawing really can take it out of you.

    BUT, what better way to really get into the Christmas spirit than having your own birthday near the same time we celebrate Christ's birthday? Maybe they'll ask you to play Mary in the ward pageant or something. ;)

  5. I would definitely have to agree that most of the time life isn't fair, but Jared always says that we wouldn't want fair. I tend sometimes diagree with that statement.