Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Bell's Nursery has the most incredible hanging baskets! Can you see how big this is compared to the guy standing behind it!
This weekend was so beautiful! It was the best weather I ever remember having in Anchorage.... or I have finally acclimated. It was 70 degrees and sunny! This weekend was really busy and a lot of fun. Saturday I went to Bell's Nursery and got a bunch of flowers, then ran around doing a bunch of errands. I had to buy some fat clothes, particularly a skirt...I got one with an elastic waist so it can grow with me.

Sunday's are so hard for me, probably because my routine is off. Half the day I was extremely tired and nauseous then I got a second wind and was able to finally clean my house. I finally went through all our mail...piles and piles of it! I am really ready to go completely paperless, I hate mail. I vacuumed out all of the crumbs from my couch, and found our kitchen table again! I even made cookies.
Memorial Day, I slept in, ate cookies and planted flowers. I spent most of the day outside, and it was awesome!

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  1. By fat clothes do you mean maternity clothes? I hate that weird in between stage where people aren't sure if you are pregnant or just gained weight :) you guys had better weather than we did here. I am still hoping for 70s