Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beautiful Weeds

From my work window I can see a soccer field just through the trees and today when I got to work, all I could see was bright yellow, and entire field of dandelions. All day I wanted to go skip through the field. But when I finally made it to the field so did our landscape crew with five lawn mowers...so I only had a short time to enjoy the beautiful dandelions.

It reminded me of my boss, who is frequently disappointed in our lack of knowledge about history. She often assigns us to do history reports about random topics. This last week was Woodstock. My knowledge of Woodstock was very limited, I knew it was a big musical festival but I didn't realize it only happened one time. I actually followed her challenge and read the wikipedia page about Woodstock, then reported back to her. Also for extra credit while I was out in the field I made a crown of dandelions and took it to her...she loved it.

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  1. Very cool post. so happy. See; Alaska is AMAZING. Now send lots of good Alaska vibes my wife's way.