Saturday, May 14, 2011

It Continues...But

It continues, the morning sickness the nausea and keeps going strong. I may have a day or an afternoon when I feel pretty good, then it returns with a vengeance. To add to it I have had the worse seasonal allergies, so I am congested, sneezing and coughing until I is awesome!

Yet, I have still managed to have a little fun this week, it's been a kick start to summer. Not only have I been catching up on all previous seasons of 30 Rock, I also went to a couple BBQ's this week. One with the young women's group which was awesome until someone sitting next to me decided to experiment by putting avocados on their hot dog...just the thought and sight made me so sick and I had to leave. Friday, my boss was having a BBQ to celebrate her in-laws 50th wedding anniversary and she invited us. None of us had ever met her in-laws but who turns down the opportunity for a barbecue? My boss lives an hour and a half away in Big Lake, literally out in the middle of nowhere...and she commutes everyday for work. I thought she was pretty crazy but her place is amazing and it's very secluded and quiet. I made my mom's famous Frog Eye Salad, it was a big hit no one had ever seen anything like it. Also another favorite moment at the BBQ was when I was having a conversation with one of my co-workers friends and in the conversation I just said that I had never tried alcohol before. He was so completely stunned, he was completely confused. I explained that I was a Mormon and he was still shocked. I have never had anyone react like that, and it gave us all a good laugh.

Today was the start of the Saturday's Market. It was a beautiful windy day...Heath (my brother that is living with us) finally decided that he wanted to hang out with us, since yesterday he got paid. So we enjoyed walking around, I had a corn on the cob and Heath got a funnel cake it was a great intro to summer. Jed at Saturday Market, trying on a hat made out of dog hair, and sucking on a cinnamon honey stick

And we just got back from the movie Thor...which was pretty lame, for the exception that Thor was really hot. Also, as a side note it is not a good idea to drink a Cherry red slurpee and watch an action movie when you are already feeling nauseous.


  1. Glad you were still able to have a little bit of fun amidst all the nausea! I hope it passes soon!

  2. That dog hair wig is kinds gross! Glad you got to get a little bot!

  3. yeah, the dog hair is kind of gross. We need to do Saturday's market together! And are you guys going to Fairbanks this summer! Try some vitamin B6 with half of a unisom tablet at night to take the edge off the morning sickness.