Friday, May 21, 2010

Adjusting--and Q&A

I'm slowly adjusting to living in my waterless cabin. I've used the sink to give myself a little sponge bath. I'm becoming all domestic I sewed some curtains for our two small our neighbors can't see our flat screen TV. We also purchased a little BBQ-er to help cut down on the amount of dishes. Jed was super manly he put the tiny thing together with his drill...

Things are going well...not too much to report in our crazy Alaskan adventures. But the day is not over.

Oh and to answer questions about some comments left on previous blogs...

To Joanne, and to satisfy Nicole...There are plenty of normal rental units in all of Alaska. However it is not uncommon to have "Dry Cabins" in Fairbanks. You don't see dry cabins in Anchorage, but Anchorage is not really part of Alaska anyways... they are way ahead of times there. Fairbanks has normals rental units yes, but they are twice as much money. We got our little cabin for half the cost and we like saving money. Alaska is awesome it has everything you need, well except an Olive Garden...we have plenty of stores and shopping. It's really nice, a little cold in the winter but overall it feels like any other place.

To Cali, my husband and I have lived here for a year...he has lived here for several years now. He works on tourist passenger trains all year, but in the summer his company relocates him to Fairbanks, where he is THE mechanic for Royal Celebrity tours. I go to school at University of Alaska Anchorage. But this summer I am taking some classes at University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Thank you all for reading my blog.


  1. Thanks for all the clarifications! Yeah for saving money!! Now you just need to post pictuers of your curtains. I'll think of you tonight when I eat my Olive Garden take-out. ;)

  2. Okay, here is my question. I know what it is like to have a husband who works graves. It is hard enough in house with separate bedrooms to be quiet while he sleeps, so what do you do with yourself all day so Jed can sleep? Hang out in town? Or maybe Jed is a deep sleeper and he doesn't mind you being around. Blake is a really light sleeper, so Brooke and I have to be super quiet during the day or go somewhere else while he sleeps.

  3. I have a much smaller grill than that. Go look, Sarah, the picture is awesome...!/photo.php?pid=12440063&id=620645303

  4. I think the cabin is awesome! And what an adventure. I am intrugued to come visit you this summer...may I? I can pitch my tent in your yard and use your tea pot to wash my feet!

  5. oh man you are a brave soul...I think i would die if I had to live with all my comforts (there isn't enough room to list them here, man I'm such a girl) haha...I'm super happy for you Sarah and I can't wait to read mre about your adventures!! Luv ya lots and miss ya!!