Saturday, May 1, 2010

One Step Closer

Last year Becky and I were here at Portage was much warmer last year!

Wow, can you believe it? I've been here in Alaska for one year! Do you know what this means? I am that much closer to qualifying for the PFD (Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend). Well technically it goes from the first of the year...but still. So, I survived a winter, I haven't been eaten by a bear or stomped to death by a moose, but I also gained two pant sizes since I moved here. However, I now know all the streets and I no longer feel like the new person in town.

We are 5 days away from moving to Fairbanks. A new town, new living in a tent, using an outhouse, showering at the know, like you do.


  1. that is exactly like I do! OK after you get in your cabin we are coming to visit you and pitch our tent in your front yard. I want to see Fairbanks and while I hear it is a big let down, I still want to say I have been there. I know, after this winter started to melt, I felt like I was just a little bit stronger after having survived it. Like maybe it wasn't so bad and in its own twisted way, a little fun. And after the perfect day we had yesterday, and knowing it really won't get too much (if at all) hotter than that, I think that winter is worth it!

  2. I can't believe it's been a year. Does it feel like home yet? I was just thinking that you probably aren't going to take all of your things with you to live in a tent. What are you going to do with the stuff you leave behind? Do Jed's roomies get to use it? :)