Monday, May 24, 2010

House Warming Gift

This morning I was outside reading my book on our porch while I was waiting for Jed to come home. Our neighbor (I think our outhouse neighbor) stops his truck in front of our cabin and hops out to introduce himself. A gentlemen in probably his late 40's who introduced himself as 'Bud'...and he looked just like someone named "Bud".
So he asks where we come from and chats for a minute then he says

"He I picked up some benches at the Transfersite this want one?"

The transfersite is like the dump...I've never been there, but people just drop off junk, and you can pick up whatever you want.

Some call it the "Mall".

I think I'd call it dumpster diving.

Well he didn't really take my "no, thank you" for an answer. Then when he pulled it out of the bed of his truck. I really tried hard not to laugh...he didn't mention it only had TWO legs! But he was so excited about them and it made me laugh. He said we could prop it up with some wood or take it camping or whatever.
It's my first house warming gift!

When Jed got home he had the most confused look on his face when he saw a bus bench with only two legs. I could tell that he was wondering how I found something like that and Why in the world would I bring it home...
We both laughed every time we looked at it...but then we started brain storming what we could do with it! I think it might be our new couch...or the back seat to Jed's jeep Willys, either way I think it has made it's home with us!


  1. I am totally laughing at that! How funny! At least people in AK sure seem nice enough to share their "treasures".

  2. Welcome to Fairbanks! See? The people & the weather are pretty nice! =D

  3. Oh my gosh! I was expecting this post to be about a dead animal or moose giving birth on your porch (Moose Drop is this week! Be careful and aware of momma moose giving birth). This is way better. JaDee is always bringing home free stuff and he and Bud will be well, buds, if they ever meet. And yes, sis, and princess, the people here are fabulous! You can even get a moose liver from your neighbor (but that is my story!)

  4. HAHAHAHA! I must share this with the ladies at work.