Thursday, May 13, 2010

Homeless in Fairbanks

We made it!

Wednesday we were planning to just pack up and go...but then we were invited to have lunch with all the new tour directors for RCT (Jed's company) on the train. So we took a break at noon, had a super nice lunch and an amazing brownie dessert before we returned to packing...It would have been amazing if the train had moved, but it stayed in the rail yard.

After packing everything up...we realized we left the towing hitch in the very back of the truck behind all the boxes and underneath the mattress. So we had to unpack everything! The towing hitch is for Jed's Jeep Willys...wouldn't want to leave it's a big part of our family now!

Needless to say we had a few delays, by the time we got on the road it was rush hour traffic. We finally arrived in Fairbanks just after midnight, found a taco bell...apparently the only place open late in this town, then we realized that all the camp grounds are still closed for the season...after driving for 7 hours (we were a little slower towing the willys) we decided that Motel 8 would be a better compromise for the night.

This morning we are homeless! We are at Jed's work office printing off rental applications. Then we're going to find a place to pitch our tent! I like Fairbanks, It's much smaller than anchorage, it's nice to get away from the crowded 'city'...Seriously! I thought that today as we were driving around... I think I'm ruined! It's only a matter of time before I will want to live in the bush where the only people we see are the pilots who bring us supplies every few months!

Oh did I mention it is raining?


  1. I hope you both never forget about showers and how good they feel, even in the bush animals can smell things like lunch. hope you find something soon to live in, see you soon.

  2. Oh Sarah. I am so glad you are recording this for your 10 year anniversary when you present you case for a diamond anniversary band worth trillions of dollars.

  3. LOVE YOU! I am glad you are enjoying it?!

  4. Good luck! Milk that motel 8 for all it's worth!! BTW, what are you planning to do while Jed is at work? Just keep the fire going and sit by the tent? I know you have online classes, but you have to find something to keep yourself entertained, don't you?