Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Morning Star Ranch

I got a Job today...I think.

I went to turn in this application and the receptionist was kind of weird...probably because I said I was seasonal. (For those who don't know, I work with people with disabilities and currently have a position waiting for me in Anchorage.) They didn't have any positions available, but I left my application anyway. When I turned to walk out I heard a woman kinda whisper..."follow me down the hall" then turned to talk to the receptionist in a normal tone.

It was kind of weird and I wasn't sure she was even talking to me. But I hesitated and waited for her to finish her conversation. Once we walked down the hall way a bit she looks back to make sure we are out of ear range or sight of the receptionist and continues to whisper "so you're looking for a job huh?"
It was like she was selling drugs or something...Then she says

"I'm looking for summer employees, but I'm with a different agency...let me get your name and number"

She seemed like the type of woman who has a millions things going on and they are so busy and scatter brained they barely remember what they were saying two seconds ago. Anyways, she told me where the group would be meeting, gave me directions, and told me when to meet her there. I wasn't sure if I was going to meet them to interview or just pick up an application, maybe just do a meet and greet. I didn't know but I didn't have any other options so

I showed up today and after waiting for a few minutes at her side she finally asked if I was in a hurry, I told I had all afternoon. She then said
"okay great! Then you are on the clock, go mingle with everyone."

ummm... Okay?
Before I could get another word in she was busy doing something else.
So I wandered over to the crowd of employees and clients and start talking to one of the employees...
Then I realized, I don't know the name of this "Agency" I don't know how much I am getting "paid"...I don't know if this woman is going to work with my schedule or if I am what they need...none of that.
So I started talking to one of the other employees then finally confessed. "I don't really know what is going on. What is the name of this group or agency?"

But luckily things turned out great. The program is an agriculture/recreational based program, so they have a farm a little ways out of town they do horse back riding, farm chores ect. They also do all sorts of activities in the community, and every Friday they go to the Chena Lake...for a BBQ.
I also get paid only $1 less than my other job.
She is super flexible...and willing to work with my random schedule.
So folks,
I got a summer job!


  1. Yay! That will help keep you entertained and out of Jed's way while he is sleeping. Plus, the extra money won't hurt I'm sure :)

  2. so glad things are working out! sounds like you're adjusting well! we miss you!

  3. some things just work out for those who keep an open mind and are willing to listen to weird people. all your training is coming in handy.