Sunday, May 23, 2010

While he is sleeping

On Friday Jed and I rode our bikes to campus then all around town. (National Ride Your Bike to Work Day) We stopped at this little 'Falafal' place, it is just a little shack and it is ALWAYs busy. There are always people waiting in line. We had no idea what a Falafal was...but it was delicious. It's some middle eastern food. There are like meatballs...only made out of chickpeas...then stuffed in a pita with hummus, and I think some type of yogurt, jalapenos and all sorts of stuff. Later that evening Jed took me on a date for Thai food. It was a diverse food day.

So today is Sunday...Jed made it partly through Sacrament meeting before he started dozing off...I don't blame him. He works 12 hour graveyards. I took him home after Sacrament meeting and went back to catch the rest of church. I ended up sitting in the foyer and met a two really fun sisters in the ward.

Courtney asked what do I do while Jed is sleeping. hmm...Good question! Sunday's are the worse days, because first it is Jed's first shift of the week. Second he is a super light sleeper...and third we live in a studio style cabin. Sunday's I haven't quite figured out what to do. I really only have to worry about Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Jed works 4 days starting Sat., and Wednesday he just stays up...or just takes a short nap. SO...I have occupied my time by doing errands and staying on Campus...catching up on my blog reading.
Tomorrow I am going to find a job.
Which is good because I am already really bored, and I no longer have my Statistics class because I didn't meet UAF's prerequisites. So that opens up a whole lot of time.
But Sundays are still long and boring.

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  1. Can you get netflicks out there? Sounds like Sunday needs to be a movie day! And I don't blame you for getting a job- at least it's something to do! I feel ya on having a hubby who is a light sleeper. Blake is to and it is really hard to keep Brooke quiet while he is trying to sleep during the day.