Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home...or is it Tent Sweet Tent?

Note: These pictures was taken a few minutes before Midnight! I love the light in Fairbanks!

Well we had our one night of luxury at the Motel 8 where I enjoyed the privacy of my last shower behind closed doors. Thursday we called as many places as we could, filled out applications only to be 'beat to the punch' each time. We drove aimlessly around town, finally decided to go see Ironman 2 --Robert Downey Jr is a great distraction from homelessness!
All the camp grounds were closed so we drove out of town a ways and found a semi open camp ground, there was one other person camped there but no host. It was nice and light still at midnight so it was easy to see the swarms of mosquitoes (Alaska's State birds). I was okay until about 3am when I woke up to piercing cold pains! I was so cold for the rest of the night, I tried cuddling with Jed, but our mummy sleeping bags are not very adaptable...but I survived!

Today (Friday) we checked out the WORSE cabin/house ever, painted bright purple! It was tiny at that point we started to question what we were willing to live in, then we thought of a cabin we saw yesterday that was small...only one room...and we decided it was not so bad! We quickly called them, looked at it again, filled out an application,

We will be moving in on Monday!

Until then, we get the tent. However, I have a new mat to sleep on, which will keep me warmer, and I will also pile all the blankets we own on top of me!

Courtney, to answer your question...I'm not quite sure yet. Suggestions?


  1. So I take it you're at starbucks or do you actually have wifi at this campsite of yours? And the trick to staying warm is a fleece bag inside of your regular sleeping bag and about 4 handwarmers tossed inside to act as little heaters and a footwarmer stuck to the outside of each sock. I am so serious. I have camped more in the year I have lived here than the rest of my years alive combined and this is the only way I do it.

  2. YAY! A house (of sorts)! My suggestion: could you get a small part-time job somewhere? Even at the movie theater or something? Then you & Jed could into movies for free at least. Either that or start becoming a bird watcher :)

  3. WOW Sarah! You are the WOMAN! Thats all I am gonna say! You will never catch me saying anything bad about you Lady, not that I ever have.

  4. it must be love...

  5. Hey I'm anonymous. I'm really glad you found a place. Love and miss you tons Heather

  6. YEA! You found a place to call home...Kensey, Kris and I survived our camping trip (for fun). Miss you already... <3