Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Weekend

I went to my new job a few times last week and I am not convinced that it is the right place for me. Only because the boss woman is crazy, and I am really worried that either it will be a scheduling nightmare...that she will not get the dates and times correct and I'll spend all my time finding coverage, or covering the shifts anyways or just leaving all my co-workers hanging, and I don't like any of those option. Or she is just crazy, maybe on Meth (seriously!) and I'll get screwed out of money or something terrible will happen. So I'm going a couple more times...then I guess I'll see what I want to do....but I am keeping my options open.

I planted some flowers, now I need to get a jug to haul water just for my plants. I am excited about growing something...especially here in Alaska the flowers grow like crazy because it is light all the time.

I'll have more updates tomorrow...I just forgot the camera to upload pictures.

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  1. I should've read your post before I replied to you on FB. It would be hard to work for someone who is disorganized especially if you aren't!