Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Errands in Fairbanks

Phew! I did a bunch of errands yesterday and felt really productive. First everyone has been very nice and helpful around here. Even at UAF...they have no clue what is going on but they were nice about it. Well it looks like I am not going to make into my stats class...which will postpone my graduation for a little bit, but what can you do? I didn't meet their prerequisites at UAF. I tried to go buy my books for my online class, I wandered around campus and found the bookstore but when I asked for some help the lady said...
"Oh yeah, we don't sell text books here"

What?! why is there a bookstore on campus?

So I ask, "Where do the students get their books?"

"They all order them online."

I am still trying to find a way to get my books...for my online classes that started yesterday. Well after spending almost the entire afternoon on campus. I went grocery shopping, trying to keep in mind that we don't have water; so nothing that requires making a mess! Frozen pizza,cereal and sandwiches?

Did you know that you can go to a "Watering Station" put a few quarters in a machine...use a thing that looks like a gas pump and fill up your water jugs?

...but you have to be careful not to get the BIG hoses that fill up the HUGE tanks! That will make a mess.
Here are some pictures of our little Cabin...not included in the pictures are our normal sized, yet not very functional stove and new refrigerator.

We have a floor...it's plywood but it's a floor and a roof above our head. I really like it, it's nice an cozy...a bit chilly but that will be good in the summer to stay nice and cool.


  1. Your cabin does look cozy. I am glad you have it. And yes, that is weird to have a bookstore and not sell books. Can you email your teachers and explain your predicament? I've had to do that before when I coudln't get books and usually they were pretty nice about it.

  2. It really is so cute! I don't know how you do it without running water, but at least it's not a tent!

  3. Sarah, it isn't the Bookstore's fault, it falls under the umbrella of university politics. If you really want to know, tell me & I will explain...

    Plus, Anytime Fitness IS 24 hrs, Planet Fitness is open until 10 or 11. =)

  4. Cozy! Do you guys have a wood burning stove? I am sorry about the book store. That sucks. Do they have it here at UAA and is anyone headed your way soon-ish? Good luck!

  5. No, we don't have kids. :) What are you studying in school? And it sounds like it's just for the summer, is that right? Is it for your husband's job? So where do you shower? Your cabin looks nice and cozy. It sounds so romantic spending the summer in a cabin in Alaska with just your hubby!

  6. I am drooling! Seriously! Geno promises one day I can live in a cabin too :)